The group of Dermafoto is composed of several dermatologists who contribute with their clinical images to the atlas database (Dr. Leo Barco, Dr. Clara Iglesias, Dr. Didac Barco, Dr. Shahbaz Janjua). The creator and the leader of the project is Dr. Leo Barco, a Consultant Dermatologist based in Almería, Spain. He works both in the National Health System (Hospital de Poniente, el Ejido) and in the private practice (Clínica Mediterráneo, Almería, www.ibderma.com). He is very fond of photography and is a member of the association of photographers and forum: Cazadores de luz (www.cazadoresdeluz.com)

He has been using professional equipment to take his medical photographs for the last 7 years and has written several articles on this and other related subjects:

Fotografía digital frente a fotografía convencional en dermatología

La teledermatología hoy

He is the author and teacher of the on-line course for dermatologists: “Digital photography school” granted with 4 CME credits under the auspices of the Universitat Autónoma de Bellaterra: Digital Photography School, curso de fotografía digital para dermatólogos

Dr. Barco has been invited to be the lecturer at a course held at the annual meeting of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology with the title: Digital Photography for Dermatologists, year 2008 (Barcelona) and 2009 (Madrid), 2010 (Málaga) and 2011 (Santiago de Compostela).

He has also co-authored a book of images endorsed by National Geographic under the title: Cazadores de luz, las mejores fotografía de los grandes fotógrafos españoles

Dr. Barco is a member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology (Academia Española de Dermatología y Venereología) and was elected as the Coordinator of the Image group of the AEDV in 2009. Its website and blog are now available at:

Dr. Barco has been invited to join the board of the International Society for Dermatological Imaging (ISDI) (January 2011).

Dr. Barco has co-authored a new book with “cazadores de luz“ , a community of spanish photographers (Nov 2010):

Dr. Barco has published (July 2012) a new article: “guide to buying a camera for dermatological photography”. Soon available also in english :

This post is also available in: Spanish